Essex County Beekeepers’ Association – Harvesting the Honey

David Meldrum of the Essex County Beekeepers Association shows how to harvest the honey after the bees have been working all Spring. For more information visit the website . Music by Kevin MacLeod, . Photographed and Edited by Soso R. Whaley, Moaning Dog Productions.

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23 Responses to Essex County Beekeepers’ Association – Harvesting the Honey

  1. wb1h says:

    Soso, I like the way this video moves right along. Nice job.

  2. joebarcena says:

    Makes me hungry for honey

  3. boxa888 says:

    thats so cool that you said they used the honey as bandages in the old days, but guess what i was reading the newspapaer and doctors are going to use it again because it has so much nutrients. thats funny we forgot the past and found it again. thanks for the information and videos.

  4. bigbeehoney says:


    Loved your video. I also have a small operation with twenty five hives. I like your double garage set up.

    Check out my videos of my beeyard.

    Ed Gagnon
    Big Bee Honey

  5. wb1h says:

    The audio was cut off in the video, but propolis (another bee product) was also used for band aids. The propolis was dissolved in alcohol and then painted onto the wound. No doubt the alcohol played a big part, but the propolis provided adhesion and bonding as well as antiseptic properties.

  6. ElCid4321 says:

    You have a nice apiary and and a nice setup for extracting the honey. I think I will save your webs site if you don’t mind. I used to keep bees as a kid but I gave it up because of the beestings. I don’t like beestings especially from Italian honeybees.

  7. nnu says:

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  8. viewitnow says:

    Great Video. Excellent narration, no silly background music, nice camera work.

    Thank you!

  9. zeidanny says:

    essex county Ontario?

  10. soso5555 says:

    no Essex County in Massachusetts… you can visit the Essex County Beekeepers at the Bee Building, Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, Massachusetts…. Oct. 3rd through the 13, 2008….

  11. zeidanny says:

    ohh ok thanks :) … I used to live in Windsor, Ontario there was an Essex County 20 miles out. I don’t live anywhere near Massachusetts but i really like your video.

  12. kadhine says:

    Very interesting indeed!

  13. adski225 says:

    great vid I belong to essex bee association in England!

  14. wb1h says:

    A bunch of US Essex beeks ran into a bunch of English Essex beeks on a bus trip to Canada a few years ago. Always fun to connect across the pond.

  15. OnwanashiboNarfall says:

    Awesome video! You must be a mechanic engineer lol great innovation.

  16. wb1h says:

    I don’t think OSHA would approve… No belt guards. Beekeepers tend to be frugal (I mean cheap), so why buy when you can rob a junk pile.

  17. chaserehn says:

    OSHA! Why doesn’t OSHA go off themselves like the rest of the fed bureaucrats should do. Let the people produce and keep the fruits of their labor.

  18. harmonicamans says:

    Great video. As a beginner I am starting my first bee hive. I live in East Tennessee. We have a local beekeepers organization that is helping me get started. Your video has helped me a bunch. Thanks


  19. ryanlaing says:

    i tried this method and i was attacked by wasps and had to go to the er and there was no honey in the nest either. this is incredibly dangerous and this video should be taken down

  20. mwinkler67 says:

    Great video Dave, I am thinking of starting my first hive. Thanks for the info, keep up the good work.

  21. stonewow101 says:

    is that urs or did u do a sharng thing?

  22. Naturally00Me says:

    Why is it preferable to have the combs capped? wouldnt it be better to get ‘em while not capped?

  23. empjohniv says:

    @Naturally00Me The honey isn’t finished being made until it is capped. Specifically the bees remove water content from the honey before capping. So the uncapped honey has more moisture and therefore tends not to keep well.

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